God’s Plan for You

It’s been said life is all about how you handle Plan B. But because of trials what do you do if you are on Plan E or F? Or perhaps even Plan Z? In searching for the answer to this perplexing question, it is important to first understand Plan A, God’s original plan for man – a personal relationship with Him like Adam and Eve had in the beautiful Garden of Eden where He walked and talked with them. The heartbeat of God is the same for you today on your 828 Journey.

When life doesn’t turn out like expected, this is the time to recognize that God is in control and has a divine plan. Plan A is fellowship with the Lord – as is Plan B, C, and even Plan Z. The plan has never changed. It is Coram Deo – a life lived in the presence of the living God, under the His authority, and to His glory. No matter the story of person’s life, the plan is the same – Jesus is calling them to a closer walk with Him on their personal journey. May these words draw you into a closer walk with the Lord.